What’s the fuss about it being Christmas and not X-mas?

Hey Stars!✨

I know I’ve been kinda MIA on this street, and I apologise for that. I’ve been swamped with work and activities. Also, I was owing people some collaborative pieces that made me a bit ashamed to upload on Gelax Chatroom when I hadn’t kept my promise to these other amazing bloggers. But with Jesus’ help,most of my debts have been paid. Hallelujah, somebody!

It’s Christmas week guys! Like Christmas is only a few days away! I don’t even know how to react to that. It’s still doing me like film trick… LOL.

Seeing that I’m feeling guilty about starving my incredibly awesome Stars, I thought to share the pieces I’ve worked on these past weeks with you. Funny enough, I have about five different posts sitting in my draft but for some reason, none feels right for this yuletide season. They’re kinda serious convos so amma push them till next year 😉. Get ready, y’all!

Special “shalla” to Fasusi Ayobami Folakemi for sending in that funny bloody rant. I loved eeet! By the way, Stars, y’all remember there’s a whole segment on Gelax Chatroom specially dedicated to you and your rants about anything and everything, right? I want to read all your rants about this holiday. Just forward them to gelaxchatroom@gmail.com for a possible feature 😉


Two weeks ago, I penned my thoughts on how social media affects self esteem on the ever-smiling, beautiful Mable Amuron’s blog.

From amuron.com

Please check it out and drop a comment so she knows you’re from the Galaxy.♥️✨

Also, last week, I had a fun interview with Nyasha from Zimbabwe. It’s called 11 of 11 with Bolaji Gelax. You’re gonna love it! Nyasha blogs at The Sun Gazers Journal and he’s fast becoming one of my favourite bloggers.

And yesterday, I wrote my Top 5 Christmas Fashion Items (as a kid) on the Tory Teller’s blog. Onyinye is the my blog sister and the Star who always leaves funny comments on my blog posts.

Fourthly, here is a dance video from Asa’s concert I attended last year with my friend. I couldn’t resist the urge to share🤭



To the Fuss about Christmas and Xmas

This is call-out to those who say Jesus Christ is the son of God (which He is) and deserves all the respect (which He does) and as such shouldn’t be replaced with an X (which He gives no hoot about!). That is, writing Xmas instead of Christmas, like can y’all take a chill pill already?!

Seriously, it’s not that deep guys. I’ve read the most absurd conspiracy theories of this X-mas thingy that I’m forced to wonder if it’s the same Jesus I’m serving these people are talking about.

Or is there something I’m missing somewhere? Isn’t it just a spelling? Does ot change who Christ is? You do know that Jesus was not born on the 25th of December, right?

So, pray tell why you people are making such fuss about a Christmas and Xmas spelling! This is a time to celebrate the gift that is Christ Jesus, the Messiah, and not argue about the spelling of the word that commensurates His birth day.

Yo, can we focus our energy on spreading love, rededicating our lives to Him and winning more souls for the Kingdom instead, please?

Thank you!✌️

Have fun this season. Share love. Stay out of trouble (Covid-19 and otherwise), be happy and make beautiful memories.

BTW, what’s your plan for Christmas?

I wanted so badly to travel this year but it seems I’m stuck in Lagos again. As I don’t cook, I’d be looking for whose house to crash for some Xmas rice and peppered chicken.

Merry Christmas/Xmas in advance to you, my Stars! ✨


Bolaji Gelax

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23 thoughts on “What’s the fuss about it being Christmas and not X-mas?

  1. First to comment!
    Let me not lie, my body is doing me dyhjlkhgtpd that I’m finding it hard yo respect myself anymore.
    Hei! God! It’s Christmas o, how can I be calm?
    Okay, thank you for this compilation. We’ll do justice!

  2. Lmao I cook but I don’t like cooking 😂 I’m always telling my boyfriend that if he sees me in his future, he has to start sharpening his cooking skills or be ready to hire a chef.

    Merry Christmas! I hope you find that rice and chicken because is Christmas even Christmas without it? 😂♥️

  3. See eh. I’m so ready for the Xmas to just come already. I want to stuff myself with food nonstop. I just want to rest!😩

    Gelax, won’t you even take me somewhere nice so we can eat pasta?

  4. Lol, TBH, the sound of “xmas” makes my ears aches. Maybe its because my parents always insisted on using the correct words, like you can’t say “guy” it has to be “man/boy” and as me sef is kuku an early years teacher, is to continue where my parents stopped😂.
    And I better put some respect in the celebrant’s name too. So yes, it is CHRISTMAS for me.

    1. Chai! You are one of them.

      Put the respect o, but leave we that Jesus loves our “disrespectful” coconut heads alone with our Xmas.

      Last last ehn, na your house we go come chop the Xmas, sorry, Christmas pasta 🤭

  5. When my brother told me about the Xmas thing, I was confused about why people angry about it like that. I can understand the fact that using the abbreviation is sometimes annoying but come on! Xmas, Christmas, all na Jesus we dey celebrate. Calm down guyssss.

    About Christmas rice, it pained me this morning when I told my mum that we’d go to my uncle’s house to eat when she said “aunty traveled” 😭😭 You don’t mean it?!! I’ll have to look for another place to go eat Christmas rice oh cause I must!!😢

    1. Like they need to seriously calm down. It’s not that deep! I bet Jesus just shakes His head and smile when he hears them.

      Oh my goodness! Who asked aunty to travel now? 😩

      I’m sure you’ll find someplace else. 🤗


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