What’s Yours?

“You do not invent your purpose in life, instead you discover it.”  – Dayo Adefolahan

If you own a Ferrari car and all you ever did was use it as a luxury vehicle, that’s all it will ever be to you, a luxury vehicle. Put it on a race track and you’d be in awe of what it can do because it’s being used to its fullest capacity.
Purpose is the motivation behind every creation. You were created for a particular purpose. Go discover it!
My Pastor’s wife said as a lady, your purpose in life is not just to marry, bear your man’s name, have his children and be a “kitchenette” or serve in the other room. I jokingly mentioned to the guy seated next to me that a lady might want to bear “Mountbatten-Windsor” just because 😂. I mean a lot of people would literally kill to be the girlfriend/fiancee/wife even concubine of any of the Princes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland yeah? 😊 (I’m not entirely sure if I’m joking here actually) but that’s not the point…
All men (male & female that is) are sent to this world with enormous potential. You are loaded dear reader. There is so much more in you that the world needs.

Find out what it is and start living purposefully. Make careful decisions, dream, protect your dreams, be mindful of the company you keep & most importantly, take responsibility for your life!

I will be writing a follow-up post soon on something called “IKIGAI.” I just learned about it and I am so itching to share with you. It brings the whole talk about finding one’s purpose together with practical steps to take.

As you get ready for the new week, I hope you remember that Gelax, the Commander-in-Chief of Hugs, Kisses and Smiles cares about you.

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend. Catch ya!


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