Why Does Sickness Intensify at Night?

Let me be very honest, from time immemorial, I have never been a fan of drugs. Sometimes I hear people ask this stupid question, “Drugs and injection, which do you prefer?” And I get so pissed because I feel they are asking, “Satan or devil, who is better?”


I don’t get it, how can any be better?

Aren’t they the same thing?

I can’t count how many times I threw my drugs in the dustbin, under the dining table, over the fence and even flushed them in the toilet, growing up. Now, you have an idea of the kind of child I was. Even as an adult, I still dread drugs. And no, I am not ashamed to say it.

Drugs -Pills

I have tried several ways of taking drugs, but none has pleased me. I have tried swallowing it with eba but trust me, that was the worst, and that’s because I always chew my eba no matter how hard I try. I wonder when I will become a big girl and start swallowing it.

Taking drugs with tea, cold water, warm water, lucozade boost, or soft drink has never worked for me either. These are supposed to help you swallow the drug without having a taste of the acidic substance. But, for where? 😏

As for injection, hmm, that one is a story for another day. If you don’t know how to run as a nurse, you can’t successfully give me an injection.

Laughing emoji

My parents had to hold me in the hospital on several occasions before I could take an injection. Thank God that needle didn’t break inside my buttocks. That is one big testimony that proves over and over how much God loves me.

Anyway, because of my phobia for drugs and injection, I hate falling sick. I would instead claim that I am healthy even when I am dying just to avoid having to take drugs or injection.

Now I am a mother. Please, don’t ask me how I gave birth to my children, even I cannot explain. Sometimes when I look at them, I wonder where they came from because it cannot be my vagina. That place is too small biko, plus their head is big, like their father’s. Like how can a baby weigh 4.4kg or 4.1kg and pass through this tiny hole between my legs? Impossible!

And no, I didn’t have them through a Caesarian Section, in case that’s what you are thinking. I don’t know the magic the doctor did for them to come out. I am still in awe!

Now the reason for my rant is this, why does sickness intensify at night? I don’t understand.

I’ve had menstrual pains, I’ve been in labour, and recently I’ve had to pull a tooth that has been tormenting me since 2004, but my observation is that the night is the worse time of the day for sickness. You may seem okay during the day, but once it’s night time and normal human beings are asleep, all the pain in this world will attack you in a way that you’ll be scared you may die. Or, am I the only one?

I cannot start explaining what I went through these past days that I was ill and had to live on pills for over 2 weeks. I am still gathering my thoughts as to how to tell my blog readers what I went through. It was that bad.

Anybody who can give me an accurate answer as to why sickness is worse at night will get a reward from me.

There were some nights I started writing my will and sharing the little property I have on earth. I was considering handing my blog over to my daughter since she loves writing, she will be able to keep my followers entertained.

Also, I almost confessed about the money I have saved up from my small zobo business and handing it over to my husband. All my clothes that I usually stuff small changes in, I nearly disclosed them too. I dreaded the nights so much that I started looking for things that could keep me occupied at night since sleep was not forthcoming. The only thing that came was excruciating pain. This was when I understood the scripture that says, “Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning”.

Please, I need answers. But let me just make this clear once and for all; every single day you wake up to is a gift, embrace it and give it your best shot!

Rant was sent in by my blog sister, the Tory Teller. Check out her blog here.


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16 thoughts on “Why Does Sickness Intensify at Night?

  1. Nice read!!! Me! team press drug inside eba and swallow wit draw soup 😂 Hmm! Give me injection o, cos I detest taking drugs wit any liquid wotsoever. I’ll just throw up after. My friend used to take my medicine for wen we were little, dude likes chewing it. Weirdo!

    For the childbirth conundrum, ever since I knew where children come out from (A big deal and discovery then) All I’ll say is “He’s a miracle working God”

    For an attempt to win ur reward, I think sickness intensify at night bcos Night is always associated with spiritual realm. All the sickness in ones body comes out to play at night. 😂😁😂

    Forgive my mythology!😊

    1. I’m unable to digest the part of your friend chewing drugs. I already feel the acidic taste by reading about it alone.
      All those people that put drugs in their mouth before water, I have sacks full of respect for them.
      We can’t deny, God’s ways are mysterious to us.
      Your point about the spiritual realm, hmm, good attempt ooo. All the demons in the world are on duty at night. Lolz

  2. Funny enough, mine was a Sunday-Sunday thing. I used to fall since every Sunday and I remember my cousins insinuating I possessed evil spirit because of that. LOL… Now we can laugh about it


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