Mondays are just no fun!”
Seeing that a number of people feel this ☝ way about Mondays, I decided to bring a relaxed, not-so-serious angle to today’s Monday post. I personally don’t like waking up to realize it’s Monday morning (except you love Mondays… which would be weird), like…..aaaaaarrrgh!😏
But really though, why do we ‘dislike’ Mondays? {I’m being careful not to use the word “hate” here}
If you browse through various social media platforms on a Monday morning, you are most likely going to find quotes, memes, graphics and the likes about how direful it is to face Monday & how people wish the weekend never came to an end.
I did a little research this morning by asking some of my colleagues at work why they dislike Mondays. Here are their reasons:
E.O: “Because I get to wear shirts and I really don’t like shirts” ( I must say, this cracked me up). He went on to say, ” The rush on Mondays is outta here“. This I believe quite a number of us will agree with.
E.T. : “There are extra works on Monday”
Em:Β “Hassle is too much on Mondays, waking up early, lots of work to do, etc.”

Dee girl said, “It is the most stressful day of the week. Too corporate, no dancing, no free-styling, no break, too rigid, too stereotyped, you can’t create your own style on a Monday”…oh wow! That’s a lot of dislikes for Monday mehn.

I personally think there are lots of serious talks on Mondays, coupled with the fact that there is such an abrupt end to the few days -which never seems to be enough- of relaxation, rest & fun. Like…
Read somewhere a while back that there’s a country in Africa where the government proposed a 3-day weekend. That makes serious sense, yeah? Maybe we should stage a protest in Nigeria, who knows we might get lucky and the Senate would pass the bill… oh, what a glorious day it would be πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Now back to my office survey, here is what the Bosslady had to say about Mondays;
O.B (aka Bosslady): “Too close to the weekend”
Now, on a little bit of serious note 😐 Mondays aren’t exactly that bad. I mean if you have a job you love, if you really do enjoy your course of study, Mondays shouldn’t be that dreadful for you.
We need to start seeing Monday as the start of a new week of opportunities, growth and expansion. Monday is like the perfect day to correct last week’s mistake. So look on the bright side. It’s actually not as bad as you like to make yourself believe it is.

P.S: I’d like to know in the comment section if you are ‘lover’ or “hater” of Mondays.

Thanks for reading and commenting (in advance). I’m Gelax, your Commander-in-chief of hugs, kisses & smiles.


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