Growing up I had mixed feelings about Sundays. A reason was that my family attended a white garment church that closed really late. I mean we could still be in church by 3pm just taking offerings after which series of thanksgivings would follow.

The part I loved however was that my dad usually gave my siblings and I a lot of money for offerings. I remember specifically that he would give each of us N20 mints and as the eldest child, I got more than my siblings.

What I did then was to take two out of the five to ten N20 notes i.e N100 – N200 (I always took just two notes regardless of how much money I was given), to the puff-puff seller close to our church to break the money down to lower denominations so I could easily drop lesser amount each time we had to pay any of the offerings.

I treated myself after service to ice-cream, sweets, biscuits and fried fish (you know those ones first coated with yam flour before frying… very yummy πŸ˜‹), with the ‘savings.’

The other thing I loved about Sundays back then was that Mumsy always made special delicacies after church ranging from pounded yam (I’ve never been a fan though), to fried/jollof rice or ofada rice with sauce that had orisirisi. Sometimes, Mumsy even insisted we ate out – Mr Biggs and Tantalizers were the biggest names then.

But now, everything is changed, I’ve grown πŸ˜”πŸ˜ž

I now have to make my own food no matter how tired I am after the series of meetings one would have attended in church, prepare for work the next day, think about what to wear to work for the whole week…. bla bla blah!😟

Gosh! I miss those Sundays 😠

I’d like to know, what has changed about your own Sundays?


Bolaji Gelax

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4 thoughts on “yesterSUNDAYS

  1. How did you miss "dankua," "guguru" [pop corn is classyοΏ½οΏ½] & groundnut. I miss those mehn! We just couldn't wait for the sellers to arrive.

  2. Alot has changed my dear, Sundays to me now is even more hectic than rest of the days cos as a church boy and a leader in the media department it's always meeting after meeting couple with online works for the day and week. Bae still want few hours so you can imagine how late I get home and still set out for work by 7am the next day. Please bring back my Sunday lol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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